Mobile skis

Customers offer complete supplies of mobile slides. They can be built on any reinforced exterior and interior surfaces (car parks, playgrounds, halls). The outdoor slipper can be operated at an outside temperature of up to +12 ° C in the sun. The slipway can be combined with other artificial surfaces to achieve a multipurpose use of the surface (in the winter ski area, in the summer pitch).
Delivery of the mobile slipper consists of the following components:
  1. Cooling compact aggregate including collector collectors and connecting collectors between the aggregate and the surface.
  2. Cooling system of a mobile ice surface made of material:
    1. EPDM  cooling chambers with storage boxes
    2. Aluminum cooling tubes
    3. Plastic cooling tubes
  3. Collector collectors and connection collectors to the refrigeration unit
  4. Refrigeration medium
  5. Foil
  6. Insulating substrate
  7. Constraints