Multifunctional playgrounds - skis

We offer the client a multifunctional playground all year round. In summer, it is possible to run all the usual sports and in winter it is used for climbing.

Multifunctional playgrounds can be in the top sports surface finish:

UNI ICE: surface is an innovative technological and modern energy-saving solution for the construction of multifunctional sports facilities. Due to its properties, it is year-round, regardless of seasonal and climatic conditions. It is a patented surface technology that is made of a blend of EPDM granulates a pad and is bonded with a special resin. The surface is fully waterproof and features a comfortable elasticity that eliminates the possibility of injury in sports.

Plastic multifunctional sports floor: surface consists of square tiles molded from a special blend of polypropylenes. The tiles are fitted with locks which, for their small number, ensure very simple and quick assembly and disassembly. This also allows the exchange of individual tiles in the middle of the playing area in case of damage.